Come and visit our booth at the Earth Day Expo!

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Trent Design Seed Bookmark

Trent Design had a booth at the 4th Annual Earth Day Expo April 18 & 19. We had information on green marketing and promotions, as well as handing out free seed embedded bookmarks. Each bookmark had two parts — the front piece which has been printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper and the back piece that is embedded with wildflower seeds and can be planted directly into the soil. We will also showcased some of our favorite green office supplies, like Method cleaning products. It was a great success and we had many people sign-up for our newsletter—Catching Flys with Honey (going beyond show & tell). The event had over 50,000 attendees which was the most successful to date.

Neenah Green

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Trent Design is finding ways to continue the tradition of paper marketing while being earth-friendly by encouraging our clients to choose recycled and FSC certified paper. And many paper companies are producing green lines of their paper, including Neenah who has their Neenah Green line of Environment® Papers. All Environment® Papers are made with 100% certified renewable energy and are made with a minimum of 30% post consumer fiber. Neenah believes that “Smart, environmentally responsible choices shouldn’t be an ‘alternative,’ they should be the standard.” And we concur.


Earth Day Expo Uses Green Marketing

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Trent Design is the official design team for the 4th Annual Earth Day Expo, which will be held in downtown Rochester on April 18 & 19. Trent Design has designed all of the posters, postcards and banners advertising the event, which is free and open to the public and will attract an anticipated audience of more than 50,000 people interested in green living and looking to discover healthy, earth-friendly alternatives in food, energy, transportation, clothing, home, garden, finances and more. In fitting with the theme of creating a brighter, greener future for our community, steps were taken to ensure that all marketing materials were made as green as possible. The posters were printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper. 95% of the banners were made from BIOflex®, which is a nontoxic biodegradable banner material, which in landfill conditions (darkness, high heat, moisture and lack of oxygen), attracts microbes that break down the PVC within 3 to 5 years. The vertical banners on the light posts in downtown Rochester were printed with aqueous based inks as opposed to solvent based inks. They were also thru-printed, which means that the ink penetrates through to the back side of the material, which means that ink and energy consumption are reduced by 50%.


Internet Marketing Is Green Marketing

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Trent Design is promoting paperless ways to market our clients and with so many options (E-newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, Eventful, etc.) it isn’t difficult to see why others are doing the same. Everyone is recognizing the success of Facebook, including Fast Company, who did a feature in their April 2009 issue on Chris Hughes, the 25 year old who helped create two of the most successful startups in modern history, Facebook and the Barack Obama campaign ( Facebook, which started as a networking site for Harvard students, and then was opened up to all students, can now be utilized by everyone, including businesses, bands, and celebrities—and it is.

Earth Day Expo was in the News

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I am pleased to see the amount of interest and press that Earth Day Expo has garnered. Being ‘green’ is no longer a small segment but is going mainstream. Read the full story with a few quotes from myself in it.