New Work: Aurum Design Jewelry

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Trent Design has re-launched the website for Aurum Design Jewelry. Aurum emerged as one of Rochester’s premier custom jewelry design shops and its new site is tailored to reflect that style. The design feels fluid and dynamic with backgrounds that transform to demonstrate the versatility of the jewelry paired with the wearer.

By opening up the page(s) and restricting the amount of displayable content, we provided Aurum with a larger canvas for their work. Finally, a javascript language (jQuery) was executed for simple animation and transitional effects to move the user seamlessly between pages.
Aurum (Gallery)

Photography for the site was used to brand Aurum and the look has so far, been used to treat everything from Aurum’s holiday invitations to their store-front signage.

Aurum (Men’s Gallery)

Lead Strategist/Account Manager: Marilyn Trent
Lead Designer:
Brian Hartwell
Assistant Designer: Genna Cowsert
Shawn Adler
Photography: David Trumbo

Mayhem on Madison Avenue

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Illustrations for FastCompany by Travis Coburn

There’s a fascinating article this month in the pages of FastCompany that talks about a new generation in advertising and what we should be aware of to evolve and share in its practices. You can read more here.

“First the news business, then the music business, then advertising. Is there any industry I get involved in that doesn’t get destroyed?”

– Touts Andy Nibley, former CEO of Ad Agency Marsteller

The story goes on to discuss the kind of agency that could emerge to thrive on minimum overhead and still succeed as an industry free from the problems of its past. Not surprisingly, this is the kind of world that influences opportunities for its most talented advertising wunderkinds. This is a world where advertising is smaller and perhaps,
more competitive.