Never a dull moment around our design and communications world in Downtown Rochester. We have taken the plunge and opened a second office in Midtown Detroit. For those of you who know and those of you who don’t know; Midtown is turning into a mecca for change and growth. At a time in history when you wonder where the next ‘good’ news story is going to come from, this one is it.

I’ve always been a big fan of the cultural center, because of my connection to the arts and the clients I work with in Detroit. When space in 71 Garfield became available, I decided to put our skin in the game. Being here gives us great visibility and we like it that we are a part of the revitalization of Detroit.

The building we have moved into is 71 Garfield. It is an historic property built in 1922, as a hotel where the jazz musicians hung out. It was recently renovated to attract artists and other creative enterprises with live-and-work studio spaces as well as commercial offices.

Stop in and visit, if you are in the area. They are building a beautiful ‘greenway’ that connects us to Downtown Detroit and is pedestrian friendly.Trent Design's New Office In Midtown Detroit