Recap: Trent Design Featured at Creative Juice (Chicago)

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Our principal, Marilyn Trent, was excited this month to be asked to address an audience at the Creative Juice conference in Chicago presented by Second Wind Network. Marilyn Trent walked the attendees through the process of how she has gotten more creative with the creative brief. Leading a group of 25+ advertising agencies and creative practitioners from around the U.S. in a discussion of style and substance, Marilyn and Michael spoke about how our new fact finding processes have helped to influence new and exciting work.

Trent Design’s Demo Reel helped kick off the presentation and gave the audience an idea of what kind of work we produce.

This event gave us a chance to demonstrate our practice for cultivating information from our clients by asking them to describe their company using each of the 5 senses. We believe this method gives us valuable insight into the way a client may feel about their company on a visceral level. It also eliminates the urge to give specific art direction that could derail a brand or product in the early stages of design.

Marty Kohr speaks about Lasker’s ad legacy

The conference attracted a lineup of fresh presentations from ad men like Ernie Perich of Perich and Partners, Bill Borders formerly of Weiden Kennedy, and Marty Kohr a professor at Medill Northwestern University who spoke about Albert Lasker, a pioneer of early advertising. This was a fascinating show n’ tell because it emphasized how technology has changed but human behaviors and desires have not. These talks rekindled our love for creative problem solving with our need for survival in an age where advertising is fast changing.

We also enjoyed Branda Garrand, principal of Garrand & Company, who could fill in for Kathy Bates as a double when she isn’t running her very cool marketing company and knitting socks. She talked to us about how breakthroughs are all that matter when you are branding a company and working with them to market their goods and services.

By the end of the 2 day visit, Trent Design walked away with some amazing tips on how great work is produced and the overwhelming sense that great creative does not always mean big budgets. Sometimes the strongest agencies are those who listen first and then act on behalf of their clients’ needs (sans egos).

We’d like to thank conference coordinator Tony Mikes at Second Wind Network for the invitation to speak at Creative Juice. It was an amazing experience.

Behind the Scenes

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Genna & Shawn review images taken on a recent shoot.

Trent Design spent this past Thursday on-site conducting a photo shoot that will encompass the creation of a video and website for a new industrial client. Designers Genna Cowsert, Shawn Adler, and Brian Hartwell were present and spent their time running away from giant machines, robotic arms, sparks, heavy machinery, and generally a lot of dangerous metallic things. All that aside, they left at the end of the day knowing they’d made some compelling images and dynamic video.

Photographer Keith Tolman sets up the shot.

The warehouse is a hive of activity.


Shawn prepares the camera to film another scene.


Using a tethered setup where the camera is fed directly into the computer, we were allowed to safely operate the shoot from behind a protective glass barrier. Workers and guests are not permitted access to stand in the same room as this machine with the robotic arm so we had to be creative about execution. With a little trial, some error, and a special set of software, our photographer Keith captured some great images of the equipment as it went about its usual task(s).

Project Credits:

Managing Art Director: Brian Hartwell
Video & Production Art Director: Shawn Adler
Photography Art Director: Genna Cowsert
Photography: Keith Tolman

Quick Link: Trent Design featured in Model D

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Model D Article
Trent Design
is featured today in Model D for our move into Midtown Detroit. With the opening of our second office now officially underway, we’re happy the local community has started to take some notice! The rest of the article can be read here.

“Past the party, past me trying to promote my business, it actually gets the news out that Detroit’s a good place to do business,” says director/owner Marilyn Trent.

Many thanks to author Ashley Woods for the interview. We still owe you a Trentini!

Trent Design Opens Midtown Detroit Office—A ReTrent Event

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Many people came to celebrate with us

(l to r) Vickie, Anika, Marilyn & Genna are taking a break to pose for the camera

Three of our long-time clients/friends (l to r – Pat Brockway 1995, Pat Lehman, 1992 and Sally Brown, 1997)

The new Trent Design Midtown Detroit office was filled with laughter and conversation throughout the afternoon and into the night. More than 100 friends and clients, new and old came to congratulate Marilyn Trent and her team, see the office, enjoy the food and, of course, taste the now famous Trentini.

The all-mighty Trentini made with real grapefruit!

PS— For those of you interested in the Trentini, we’ve added the recipe for it here:

• 2 grapefruit wedges (peeled and skinned)
• 1/2 tsp. finely chopped mint (adjust to taste)
• 2 oz. Absolut® Ruby Red Vodka
• Squeeze 1/2 of lemon
• 1 oz. Simple Syrup (adjust to taste)

Muddle the grapefruit and mint and put in a martini shaker. Add ice to shaker—add the rest of the  ingredients and shake until chilled. Serve in a martini glass with a mint sprig and a peeled and skinned grapefruit wedge. Enjoy!