There have been some internal changes at Trent Design with opening up a second office and my longest standing employee, Chantal Oudin, leaving to start a family. It has reminded me of the importance of leadership and how imperative it is that all people who make up our organization practice it. You can see the effects of leadership at all levels of engagement with employees, vendors and clients.

In the creative industry, we are leading our clients on a daily basis. They come to us for decisions on how to present their company on every level, from their graphic image to content, PR and marketing. This is a task that we all take seriously. We believe in ‘designing responsibly’ and each decision is methodically analyzed, reviewed and then executed. What this has to do with leadership is, that at any given time, when one of our team members says… “What about this idea?” they are leading. If you think about it, from that point of view, it takes the mere ‘worker’ mentality to the next level of empowerment and a new way of looking at themselves, their colleagues and our clients.

Many years ago I realized that I was leader when I took a workshop based upon John C. Maxwell’s book, “Developing the Leader Within.” Boy was that a surprise. I thought I was going to solve clients communication problems, hire more people when I needed them and we would all go merrily down the stream. It was not quite like that—you need leadership skills but the good news was that I found out that they can be learned. This workshop opened up my mind to a new way of viewing myself and my relationships—not only at work but at home.
Each one of is a leader at any given moment throughout our daily lives. It does not stop when the workday ends. Many of us are parents and that is a leadership role we will have for the rest of our lives.

I ask you this; as you go about your tasks throughout the day, jot down what you see that you do in leading and what others do. Be objective and make a note of what is effective and what is ineffective. Let me know what you discover.