Marilyn Trent
Principal / Creative Director

0b6850d1When I was younger (I know it tells my age), I enjoyed watching the television show, Bewitched. I couldn’t fathom how Darin, an advertising executive, could ever create great advertising campaigns without his wife Samantha’s magic, which he often used. But things have changed and today I am doing what Darin did for a living. The difference is that when I show clients their new brand image or website and they say, “You have worked your magic,” I think to myself, “and we didn’t need Samantha.”

I believe that Trent Design adds value to our clients’ companies through applying good design principles and effective visual communications. It is an integral part of any marketing and promotions plan that helps companies compete and thrive in any business climate.

Brian Hartwell
Interactive Creative Director

Avatar - BrianIn case you’re wondering… yes I am an intergalactic space alien secretly disguised as a chihuahua. Shortly after my leave from MIB, I attended the College for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit, MI, where I picked up an internship position from Trent Design and quickly became the Interactive Director/Designer. I love developing new concepts for interactive design and creating interactive experiences & environments. I also pursue my hobby in film making/directing/acting and you may see my cameo appearance in the upcoming film “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”.

Shawn Adler
Interactive Production Manager / Senior Developer

Scott McCabe
Copywriter / Lead SEO Development / All Things Office Ninja

After exploring the depths of our country’s capital, I started my pilgrimage back to this great state of lakes. I soon found myself locked in a small room with an outdated computer as I ventured into the mystical world called the Internets, be-found by the sparkling magic of SEO I trudge deeper into the ancient and arcane arts of Advanced SEO Copywriting.

Chantal Oudin
Assistant Art Director

Read Chantal's EntriesI have been with Trent Design since August of 2002, a little while after graduating from Wayne State University with a major in graphic design and a minor in business. I’ve had a great time growing with the company and have learned so much about the world of design and the glory of advertising, and still love to be involved with it all. I like watching concepts evolve & grow, I love to play in the dirt to grow flowers & food, I’m a nature girl at heart. Being on the wide open road motorcycling, to view the world from behind the handle bars seems to be the one thing I get to do the least of but enjoy the most.

Genna Cowsert
Studio Manager / Creative Director

Read Genna's EntriesMy love of design began at a young age when I discovered Print Shop Deluxe (oh no!) and started making birthday cards and banners aplenty with my cherished dot matrix printer. I have since moved on to more sophisticated software, and after procuring a BFA in graphic design from Wayne State University, found a place at Trent Design where I have been for over four years. When I’m not designing, I enjoy drawing, painting, collaging and reading. My fondness of books has led to an interest in book cover design, and I would love one day to see something I’ve designed on a shelf at a bookstore.

Michael Johns
Assistant Studio Manager / Art Director

michaelAllow me to introduce myself, my name is Michael Johns and I like to talk a lot. Oh yes, and I am a Graphic Designer. I graduated from College for Creative Studies [ccs] in December of ’07 with a major in Graphic Design and a minor in Art History. I started my new career as an Art Director at fabulous Trent Design in the summer of ’08.

I love music of all kinds. I find that it is a huge vehicle of inspiration for me. I have an obsession with musicals, constantly singing songs in my head, or with my Supercalifragilisticexpialidouciously fantastic co-worker Genna. I love to shop…a little too much. Going to the movies is nothing but a passion. I love to notice things, whether it be people, design, environments, places, stores, or whatever, you never know where you are going to find your next big idea or inspiration for a great design.